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Zero Party Data: One Brilliant Collection Strategy

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Worried about third-party cookies going away and need zero party data?

Our VP, Tasha Day, gave a stellar talk at the MediaPost Brand Insider Summit: CPG in Santa Barbara, CA spilling the beans on how to get ahead of the game.

She uses the example of a multichannel media campaign we did in 2023 for Stella & Chewy's in which target pet owners were directed to their local pet store with location data ad tech, invited to scan a QR code and enter info to win a real-life billboard photo of them with their pet!

The campaign successfully drove in-store foot traffic, collected thousands of email addresses for Stella & Chewy's CRM, and cultivated long-term customer loyalty all at once. Triple win!

Learn the secrets of how Tasha's team accomplished this in the video above, and subscribe to Exverus' YouTube channel for more media strategy ideas and effective marketing campaign examples.

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