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How to Privacy-Proof Your Brand's CTV Advertising Strategy

Updated: Jun 12

Data privacy regulation on CTV advertising is tightening; brands must be prepared.

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The seismic shift from linear TV to CTV presents a golden opportunity for brands to target audiences through CTV advertising. However, with this opportunity comes a challenge: ensuring privacy compliance under more regulatory scrutiny. 


Stringent privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR restrict data collection and use. CTV platforms are beholden to these regulations, and brands must comply, too.


Not only is data stewardship a top concern for many consumers today, but the responsible use of data enables the best possible viewer experience - including the ad experience!


How can brands align their CTV advertising strategy with privacy regulations?

The 4As, or American Association of Advertising Agencies, is urging brands to proactively develop comprehensive privacy strategies specifically for CTV. Here's how: 

Contextual Targeting

As marketers and advertisers, we spend so much time and money trying to precisely target "in-market" audiences, using data that is increasingly challenging to scale. But we find that ad-context alignment drives business outcomes equally well, increasing ad performance without privacy concerns.

Frame your CTV ads as a valuable exchange for viewers' attention.  Offer relevant content or promotions that enhance the viewing experience rather than relying solely on intrusive targeting.

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First-Party Data

Brands must invest in collecting and leveraging zero- and first-party data from CRM and loyalty programs to personalize ad experiences and better manage customer journeys.

Be cautious of CTV advertising solutions relying on identity solutions that might raise privacy concerns, like household identification.  Evaluate the trade-off between targeting accuracy and privacy implications.

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Data Clean Rooms

Explore secure data clean rooms that enable collaboration with partners without compromising on consumer privacy. Learn more about how to tackle some of the challenges of data clean rooms here.

Measurement Innovation

Embrace new measurement solutions that complement digital metrics and provide a total view of CTV's impact on outcomes, such as marketing mix modeling (MMM).

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Privacy regulations are constantly evolving. Stay updated on upcoming legislation and industry best practices to ensure your CTV strategy remains compliant.

At Exverus, we've been employing these tactics for years, getting our clients prepared for third-party cookie deprecation and increased regulation on CTV. With the right targeting and measurement tools in place, privacy concerns are no concern at all. 


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