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Roku Reformulates Digital Ad Buying with Contextual AI

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Roku TV home screen

Ad Buying by AI

Roku is the latest to take a deep dive into the power of AI, and it will reimagine how brands advertise on the platform.

The company recently announced its plans to integrate contextual AI into its ad placements, allowing marketers to serve ads that better align with their audience's wants and needs.

This news comes on the heels of the hardware and software company's announcing better-than-expected earnings last quarter ($741MM).

Coupling this update with more ad placements on Roku's home screen, screensaver, and within the company's original content; the platform is positioned to be a powerful option for companies looking for more access to their niche.

How does contextual AI work?

Roku has developed a way to scan what they're calling "iconic plot moments" that closely align with the tone, messaging, and concepts of a brand's campaign. Companies start by sharing what their campaign is about -- the overall theme of their offer.

Next, Roku's AI-powered tech will rummage through its content library to find the perfect moment to share the message.

The Results

Since it's still in the early stages, the data on Roku's contextual AI integration effectiveness is limited; however, you can expect much more information to come.

With access to better consumer personalization technology, a business's campaigns will stand out from the competition and become top of mind for customers. We've always believed in the power of contextual relevance and find it especially powerful in culture-defining television programming. What do you think about Roku's adoption of contextual AI for their ads? How will aligning your brand with the right story or setting inspire your customers?

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