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Three Tips for Targeted Customer Acquisition Marketing

Putting out messages and hoping to be found by potential customers isn’t the best strategy, particularly in today’s digital age.

However, even with targeted campaigns, most messages are sent to a broad audience defined only by a few key attributes. And while acquisition is essential, it can be costly. But there are ways your brand can navigate customer acquisition marketing and be more effective.

Try these three ideas:

Data-Driven Consumer Modeling

Dig into your existing customers and identify commonalities and buying signals that go beyond what social networks will tell you. This will require concerted internal data effort and expertise, but will allow you to direct marketing spend more effectively and reduce the overall cost to acquire new customers.

Go Beyond Demographics

Demographics have power in targeting your marketing efforts, but they do not necessarily reflect buying signals. Try building a target list around buying signals, then segment by demographic and target your creative to those segments.

Ask For Help

Data points for optimizing acquisition marketing are not always easily accessible. When looking to do advanced customer lift modeling, it helps to have experts on your side. Let Exverus be the experts you partner with to help you get ahead of the curve by digging into your data points today.

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