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How to Advertise on YouTube Podcast Channels in 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

The ubiquitous video platform is now America's #1 home for podcasts. Learn how your brand can benefit from its reach, engagement, and loyalty.

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By now, we’ve well established the power of video and audio advertising, but have you specifically targeted YouTube podcast channels? 

No, that’s not just a word salad — YouTube is the fastest-growing platform for podcasts, which increasingly include a video element. In fact, a 2024 report from Cumulus Media and Signal Hill crowned YouTube the most popular podcast audience platform in the US, far surpassing Spotify and Apple!

That’s a golden opportunity for brands to slide in and showcase their look, sound, feel, and deals. So, what’s the most efficient way to advertise there?

Frequently asked questions about YouTube podcast advertising:

Can you advertise on specific YouTube channels?

With Google Ads, you can indicate which audiences, keywords, and yes, even specific channels or videos you’d like to target in your display campaigns. You can also exclude specific channels or videos that might not be safe for your brand.

How much does it cost to advertise on podcasts? 

According to Acast, “the average CPM (cost per 1000 listens) of podcast ads is between $15 to $30 for pre-recorded ads up to 60 seconds. Host-read sponsorships can cost between $25 to $40 CPM. Ultimately, podcast advertising rates vary based on the type of ad, audience size, targeting criteria, and other factors.”

What are the different types of podcast ads?

  • Baked-in ads. These pre-recorded audio clips are “baked” into the audio file, so everyone hears the same ad. 

  • Dynamic ad insertion (DAI): This strategy uses advertising platforms’ audience data sets to tailor and target your ad more specifically, which can lead to better conversions. 

  • Host-read ads: Unlike pre-recorded audio ads, host-read ads (also known as live-reads) are messages delivered straight from the mouth of a person your audience trusts. They’re like getting a recommendation from a friend or family member! They’re the least disruptive, most naturally integrated form of podcast advertising. 

  • Branded audio content: Some brands work with podcasts (or the media publishers who own them) to produce fully branded audio experiences that both provide information or entertainment to the listener and get the brand’s message across. 

    • A good recent example was Virgin Atlantic’s three-part branded series with Pivot, a business and tech podcast hosted by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway, owned by the Vox Media Podcast Network. The hosts discussed the future of travel and electric vehicles, interviewed transportation experts, and subtly slipped in Virgin Atlantic’s offerings. These kinds of integrations can be a big lift, but they’re highly engaging and effective when done well. 

Is podcast advertising worth it? 

If you’re looking for brand trust and loyalty, look no further. People tune into their favorite podcasts every week because they trust and admire the host; they enjoy and learn from the content; and they’re likely to remember and consider their product recommendations. 

Ad Results Media has the receipts:

“​​Podcast advertising is highly effective for building brand awareness and promoting overall brand lift...driving an average of 28% improvement in baseline awareness across industries and 24% improved brand recall.”

So, now let’s talk about best practices. How can you make the most of your advertising budget while reaping all the benefits this hot-button channel has to offer? 

Tips for advertising on YouTube podcast channels:

Do more than Display

Those who discover a podcast on YouTube say they like the platform for the comments, community, entertainment, and recommendations. These features offer additional ways to engage with potential consumers and build community around your brand. 

Consider the device

Spotify and Apple Podcasts listeners predominantly listen on their phones, while 38% of YouTube podcast channels are viewed on laptops or TVs. Adjust your creative assets and messaging accordingly. 

Invest in host-read ads

While they can be more expensive than pre-recorded ads, host-read ads offer a level of intimate trust, engagement, and recall that can significantly increase brand awareness, perception, and purchase intent. 

46% of listeners say host-read ads are “not intrusive at all”, and 80% stay tuned for the entire ad rather than skipping it. 

Run the data

YouTube offers podcasters and advertisers robust data analytics to measure and optimize campaign performance. Metrics include CPM, RPM (revenue per mille), ad impressions, and estimated monetized playbacks, or the number of times a video was watched with ads. 

As always, audio and video channels should be considered in the context of a larger, more diversified media plan. Never put all your eggs in one basket!

But if you want to reach consumers in a relaxed, trustworthy, and informative environment, their favorite video podcast is a great place to start. And the right full-service media agency can help get you there.


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