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3 Paid Search Tips from MediaPost Summit 2024

Search and performance marketing is rapidly evolving thanks to AI, but marketers shouldn't lose sight of the big picture.

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Search engine marketing (SEM) professionals from across the nation gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, the first weekend of May 2024 for the MediaPost Search and Performance Summit to discuss the global sea change happening in paid search, largely driven by advancements in AI.


Exverus' own Paid Search Director, Ryan Schuster, MBA, spoke as an industry expert on how brands can best adapt to shifts in AI technology, consumer behavior, and the role of paid search in a media mix.

3 Paid Search Takeaways for Brands:

1. Don't lose the human touch in the age of AI

The rise of AI-powered search and performance tools like Google Search Ads 360 (SGE) and Chat-GPT is undeniable. However, some marketers get caught up in optimizing algorithms and forget the fundamental purpose of search: to help people!

As Ryan explains, prioritizing short-term marketing goals over user needs can be detrimental. Building trust and loyalty requires a human touch, even within the realm of AI-powered search.

How to Stay Human-Centric in Paid Search Marketing:

  • Focus on user intent: Understand the "why" behind search queries. What information are users seeking? What problems are they trying to solve? Tailor search ad copy and landing pages to directly address user intent.

  • Prioritize user experience: Ensure landing pages provide a seamless user experience. Optimize for mobile, offer clear calls to action, and make it easy for users to find the information they need.

  • Embrace authenticity: Consumers crave genuine brand connections.  Avoid overly promotional messaging in search ads.  Instead, highlight brand values and showcase expertise through informative content.

By prioritizing user needs and creating a positive user experience, brands can leverage AI tools effectively while maintaining a human connection with their target audience.


2. Get into social-search marketing before the competition!

Wait, aren't social and search two different channels? Not anymore. 73% percent of Gen Z respondents to a Forbes survey said they research products on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media before buying, which is why building a strategic keyword search strategy within social platforms is imperative.

Here's how brands can win in social search:

  • Identify platform-specific search behavior: Conduct audience research to understand which social platforms your target audience uses for product discovery.

  • Develop social search strategies: Craft keyword strategies tailored to each social platform. Utilize relevant hashtags, optimize social media profiles for discoverability, and leverage platform-specific search features.

  • Go beyond ads: Social search isn't just about advertising. Create informative blog posts, product tutorials, and engaging content that addresses user queries and positions your brand as a thought leader.

3. Search and performance must be part of a larger brand strategy

Paid search marketing can't succeed in a vacuum! For optimal results, search should be a cornerstone of an omnichannel media strategy that integrates seamlessly with other channels.

Understanding the Role of Each Channel:

  • Paid Search: Provides targeted information to users actively searching for solutions related to your brand or product category.

white words against a coral background

The Role of Paid Search in a Media Mix:

  • Cross-channel keyword strategy: Share keyword insights across teams to ensure consistency in messaging and user experience.

  • Seamless purchase journeys: Create clear pathways from search ads and social media interactions to product pages and checkout flows.

  • Consistent brand messaging: Maintain a unified brand voice and visual identity across all marketing channels.

As an independent, nimble media agency, Exverus doesn't keep these departments siloed. Our search marketers work collaboratively alongside the paid social, programmatic advertising, and retail/e-commerce teams to craft a tailored media mix that guides users from information discovery to purchase, ultimately maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Provide your target audience with top-quality content in platform-specific formats, and you’ll become the brand they go to without even needing to search. 


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