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The Marketing Funnel is Dead

Updated: Apr 2

Time to send that old sales funnel to the antique shop and build holistic media strategies that convert for the long term.

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Are you still using the funnel to represent your brand's marketing campaigns?

It's OK, we get it! The funnel looks clean and is easy to understand. But today's campaigns aren't so simple.

The Marketing Funnel is Dead.

No longer do consumers learn about, consider, and purchase products in neat, linear progression as they once did. (Actually, did they ever?) Shopper journeys are messy, unpredictable, and constantly evolving in our omnichannel world.

In our latest whitepaper, "Put that Funnel in the Antique Shop: Rethink Your Customer Journeys to Maximize ROI," we'll break down:

  • Why the linear marketing funnel is dead for brand strategy

  • The latest research in building better frameworks

  • What modern marketers are doing to drive brand growth

  • Why most media channels are becoming full-funnel, including retail media and social commerce

  • How not to fall into the trap of short-termism and play the long game instead

If you're ready to break down channel siloes and embrace a more holistic approach to marketing and media strategy, we wrote this guide just for you.


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