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Voodoo Ranger Tropic Force Campaign Meets Beer Drinkers on the Big Screen

Updated: Feb 14

Cinematic trailer-style ads play in theaters where craft IPAs are poured

(LOS ANGELES) Feb 14, 2024 – Just in time for Valentine's Day movie dates, New Belgium Brewing Voodoo Ranger is launching Tropic Force IPA with a media campaign targeting beer drinkers across the nation with a cinematic twist.

As part of an end-to-end customer experience, movie trailer-style TV spots will run across streaming video, online ticketing sites, and even play in theaters where Voodoo Ranger is served.

“Tropic Force is one of our most important innovations of 2024 and we wanted to launch the brand in a unique way”, says Dave Knospe, Senior Director of Brand for Voodoo Ranger. “We wanted to play up the cinematic nature of our new TV spot, so using cinema placements at theaters where drinkers can enjoy Voodoo Ranger beers was a natural fit.”

Voodoo Ranger, made by New Belgium Brewing, is the #1 craft beer brand in the US. Tropic Force IPA is the latest addition to its Force line of beers and it features tropical natural flavors and a full-throttle 9.5% ABV. 

Voodoo Ranger works with Los Angeles-based media agency Exverus Media and Boulder-based creative agency Fact & Fiction. Exverus Media won the New Belgium & Bell’s brewery account in 2023. 

The Exverus Media team, led by Shelby Dolan, targeted theaters that serve Voodoo Ranger and placed the trailers just before the lights drop for maximum impact. To supplement the theater ads, the team purchased Homepage Takeovers on ticketing websites for the opening weekends of guaranteed hits. 

“Voodoo Ranger is a vibrant, energetic brand for adventurous, drinking-age adults, so meeting them on the big screen in winter makes total sense”, says Dolan.


About Voodoo Ranger IPA

Voodoo Ranger, made by New Belgium Brewing, is the fastest-growing and #1 brand in craft beer. Initially launched as three beers in 2017, Voodoo Ranger has released over 20 beers in the past few years including Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA and Juice Force IPA.

About Exverus Media

Exverus Media is an award-winning, data-driven media agency dedicated to growing modern brands. Our omnichannel strategies combine precise market research with creative ideas to confidently allocate every ad dollar for the maximum return. Named for the Latin phrase "from the truth", Exverus dedicates itself to transparency and long-term client trust. Exverus is the 6x-winner of Adweek's Media Plan of the Year Award and 2x Ad Age Small Media Agency of the Year.

Media Contact

Michelle Andrade | +1.919.219.3571

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