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Exverus Launches AI Chatbot Recipe-Picker for John Soules Foods

Updated: Feb 12

The rich-media ad unit recommends recipes based on the user's preferences as part of a master brand campaign.

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The Problem: Decision Fatigue

For many families, deciding what to make for dinner is an ongoing battle. We’re rushed and distracted, and everywhere we look, we’re presented with alternatives to home-cooked food. Fast-casual restaurants, expensive takeout, and boxed meal kits are ready to step in and provide a quick dinner-time fix.

But putting food on a plate—no matter how delicious—isn’t the same thing as putting love on the table. Most quick fixes fill us up but don’t help us feel connected to the people around us. What takes a meal to the next level is the “you” you put into it.

Our Solution: AI Chatbot Recommendations

That’s why John Soules Foods (JSF) partnered with Exverus Media to launch a master brand campaign in 2023 called Soules Satisfying that exudes the confidence you’ll feel as you strut to the table with the perfect meal for your family.

By far, the most technologically advanced and exciting part of the campaign was the AI Chatbot Recipe Picker. Our aim was to help families experience the joy of a great meal regardless of their time, ability, or inclination to cook on any given day.

So with ad tech help from PadSquad, we built an AI Chatbot that asks a series of questions about your preferences (Beef or chicken? Healthy or indulgent? How much cook time? etc.) and generates a personalized list of recipe options using JSF's products.

The recipe recommender showcases the convenience of JSF products and how they can help a busy family put a delicious and satisfying meal on the table in minutes.

As brands and agencies race to develop the biggest and fanciest use cases of AI possible, we zeroed in on a solution to the most pressing, daily question on all of our minds: what to make for dinner tonight.

The campaign was featured in Digiday here.

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