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Online gift guides are playing a bigger role for brands

The holiday season is almost upon us, so now is the time to consider where your brand will show up during the most competitive time of year. One overlooked platform with tons of potential? Gift review sites. Visits at product and gift review sites (Strategist, Wirecutter, CNET, Consumer Reports) were up an average of 690% from November to December 2020 YOY. This season’s traffic could be even bigger. Remember that not all gift review sites are created equal. Many of the top-searched and most-visited gift guide results don’t accept paid placements at all, or only work with affiliate links. On the other end of the spectrum, fashion and beauty publications like Elle, Vogue, and Glamour offer paid spots and product-focused editorial content. However, these sites do not have as many visits. The trick is to find the balance between quality, trust and scale. This will mean different sites for different categories, or integrating your own gift guide natively into the content on popular sites. Gift guides are a trust-based entry point for brands, especially those with low awareness, to encourage consumers to make an online purchase. By placing your products in gift guides, you can simplify the consideration process for consumers.

The rise in ecommerce has magnified the importance of gift guides this holiday season. Many consumers are expected to look to online gift guides for their holiday shopping so meet them where they are.

‘Tis the season (almost).

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