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Making The Most of Paid Media During Recession

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Making The Most of Paid Media During Recession

According to IAB’s Coronavirus Ad Spend Impact report, 70% of media buyers have changed their spending habits…which seems a little low, doesn’t it? Fortunately these drops in automotive and entertainment spend mean an opportunity for other brands. Currently, we are facing recessionary impacts with predictions lasting through the majority of 2021. This means that in *some* channels ad inventory has gone up, while bidding and spending have gone down. Google and Facebook aren’t necessarily giving ad space away as supply and demand shifts, but CPMs have dropped as companies have been more conservative and flexible in spending. A lower demand shift creates an exciting dynamic where it becomes easier for your brand to stand out and take on new opportunities that weren’t previously there in a saturated market. The two channels most affected are social media and programmatic because the ads are easiest to turn on and off or pause as needed. That’s where a lot of avenues for paid opportunity have opened. Other channels, such as podcasts, video and TV have stayed linear through most of the pandemic and brands can expect to pay similar rates. So, as you think about reinvesting in paid media, there is a strong case for social media and programmatic. Those are the channels that not only offer you the greatest deals right now but also offer you the most flexibility. And flexibility is crucial as we continue to navigate uncertainties in the world while we await widespread distribution of the vaccine. -Team Exverus

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