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How Google AMP Impacts SEO: The Good and Bad for Marketers

According to multiple studies (and our own experience), mobile traffic has grown exponentially in daily media consumption over the last decade.

It's more important than ever for marketers to optimize for not just the mobile experience but your company's SEO. Optimization is essential for your content and SEO strategy, and that's where Google AMP can step in, but it has some conditions:

Advantages of AMP

- Faster load times that improve and boost search rankings

- Better UX; AMP offers the meat of a webpage without all the extras

- Lower bounce rates meaning visitors are less likely to go to a competitor's website

Disadvantages of AMP

- High implementation effort, a developer will need to build an AMP template which equals time and money

- Possibility of lower engagement; there are reports of other AMP users getting less engagement on their content

So, Is AMP right for your website?

AMP is primarily about improving user experience through faster site speed. Ensure that your site's user experience and content are optimized to get the most media dollars driving people to your business. And keep in mind that AMP is only one of many tools available to help with faster loading and streamlining websites for mobile devices.

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