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100M People Use AR to Shop. Is Your Brand Missing Out?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What Snapchat’s AR Adoption Means for Marketers

Augmented Reality (AR) is set to become a core focus in the coming years for brands and opens the door to new marketing, communications, and discovery possibilities.

No longer is AR just for gaming. Snapchat conducted a study on AR, and has big plans to become a key player. Why should marketers pay attention? Here’s what Snapchat uncovered in their report:

AR is already influencing people's shopping process, with more than 100 million people currently shopping using AR-enabled processes, such as virtual try-on options and digital product placements. AR keeps consumers engaged with new, relevant content that engages with their real life environment, and helps them make strong, confident purchase decisions. There is a gap in the market. Most AR-focused apps include home goods, furniture sellers, and other retailers including Houzz, IKEA, Sephora, and Warby Parker. But as far as social media apps, Snapchat is the only social platform created with a strong foundation centered on AR.

The consumer appetite for AR is already here, with consumers far more likely to pay attention to brands who adopt AR into their marketing strategy. As a brand, now is the time to meet the demand and gain success in this market share for the future and utilize existing platforms such as Snapchat, Houzz, IKEA, etc., to participate in AR.

- Bill & Team Exverus

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