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What the Best Social Content Has in Common

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

What the Best Social Content Has in Common

It’s no secret that social media has become the most popular way for audiences to interact with brands. Facebook and Instagram combined have billions of daily active users, with numbers continuing to rise.

While we typically focus on paid strategies, the content our clients support means a great deal in the success of our paid campaigns. We always aim to help our clients create a virtuous cycle of positive engagement and lower media costs.

We looked at the best social content and what it has in common so your brand can optimize and get the most value out of your social media investment:

1. Variety

Variety is the most crucial factor in a successful social channel. Including a blend of different content forms, such as videos, article shares, infographics, stories, photography, user-generated content (UGC), etc., keeps your audience engaged for the long run.

2. Include relevant hashtags

Ever since the introduction of hashtags—about 14 years ago—content has become easier to search and organize, at least on Twitter, Insta, TikTok, etc.. While they are not the sexiest marketing tool for businesses, including the correct, most relevant hashtags will bring your business more visibility.

3. Post positive content

There’s no question that the best social content evokes strong, positive reactions from users. People are more likely to appreciate and trust a brand that posts light-hearted news, statistics, and stories. Such posts connect with audiences on a deeper level and go beyond the otherwise incessant request from brands to consumers of “Buy Now” and “Shop Npw”.

Now that you know the three main ingredients that make up the best social content, what should your brand do? Focus on the audience, of course! Know your audiences and the type of content they most enjoy. Or, take this time to test different kinds of social media content and develop a powerful strategy.

-Team Exverus

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