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The 5 Instagram Ad Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The 5 Instagram Ad Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

According to, Instagram is the fifth most popular social media platform as of January 2021. As marketers, we are frequently updated on best practices to leverage the most out of Instagram for business, but not so much the things we should avoid. These five mistakes could be stalling the full potential of your brand's Instagram advertising success:

1. Only using photo ads

Instagram offers five different ad formats to drive awareness, engage and gain customers and share your brand’s story. No matter how brilliant your photo ad may be, this type of ad has its limitations. Other formats have their own strategic applications depending on your objectives.

2. Not leveraging A/B testing

Having just one ad set gives you nothing to compare to see if it delivers the best results. Test various elements such as ad copy, the image, ad titles, and more to help improve your ads and make the most of them. The only thing better than A/B tests are A/B/C/D tests - be bold!

3. Missing the right audiences, or only targeting one

Targeting the right audience is a big challenge for brands of all sizes. Your brilliant ad will only be a success if it properly reaches your target audiences, and if you are testing multiple audiences for engagement, sales and efficiency.

4. Not utilizing Instagram Insights

Monitoring your business’s Instagram ad analytics enables you to understand further how your audience interacts with your ads, what’s working, and what could use improvements. Track your impressions, reach, and actions all in one spot. Also, gain insights into your audience’s gender, age, and location.

5. The ad content is wrong

Your ad content should accurately reflect your brand, provide inspiration and not be too promotional. Producing ads that focus on inspiring your audience through stunning imagery and spectacular stories have their place but above all, be relevant and useful.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can leverage your followers, generate more traffic, build a healthy, loyal audience and reap the most out of your Instagram advertising investment.

-Team Exverus

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