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Data-Driven Creative: You Have The Data, Let's Use It!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Data-Driven Creative: You Have The Data, Let's Use It!

When programmatic media came about several years ago, the push was for relevant, personalized ad experiences. We all thought data-driven creative would make consumers more eager to click.

But today’s consumer is weary of relevant advertising – especially when it’s so “relevant” that it borders on creepy.

Still, the science behind programmatic advertising is sound, and the data you’ve gathered is vital to creative messages in any channel. Here’s how to use it to build and write powerful creative messaging that speaks directly to your target audience:

1. Don’t Ignore Your Data

When it comes to using your programmatic data as intended, you may not be.

One simple way to do this is to build separate executions for unique segments within your main audience.

Consider the two ads for Brooks at the top of this email. The products, design style, and language are similar, but the audiences are unique. The ad on the left is targeted to runners in warm climates, who want athletic gear to keep them cool and looking good. In contrast, the ad on the right speaks targeted toward runners in cold, rainy climates. From the language, it’s clear this is a more utilitarian audience, seeking to keep the elements at bay while working out.

2. Know Everything About Your Target Customer

Today more than ever, it’s important to know exactly who your customer is. Almost as if you know them personally. And again, today more than ever, we have the data to pull it off.

Take the OOH ads below, part of a larger campaign from Spotify’s recent marketing push. Here, the streaming music giant leverages its vast array of individual user data, highlighting the way its most interesting customers use Spotify for unique ads.

The campaign is so targeted it become a caricature of itself, alluding to a unique, tailored listening experience: There’s something for everyone on Spotify

The next time your team designs a creative message, ask yourself: Are you leveraging your customer data?

- Team Exverus

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