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Exverus Turns 10: Media Then vs Now

As the agency celebrates a decade in business, we look back at how the industry's changed.

group photo of Exverus Media employees

Get out the cake and candles because, in January 2024, Exverus Media celebrates 10 years in business! 🥳

William Durrant, Talia Arnold, and Jack Win founded Exverus in 2014 with a shared vision for the type of agency they wanted to work for. Fed up and burnt out from a decade each of grinding for ad agencies that put profit before people, the founding Exverians built a new kind of agency: one in which people could have families without hindering their careers, sleep 8 hours a night and take real breaks, see women and people of color in leadership positions, feel good about the deals they’re signing with clients.

Named for the Latin phrase "from the truth", Exverus dedicates itself to transparency and long-term client trust. Our omnichannel media plans combine market research data with creative ideas to confidently allocate every ad dollar for the maximum return.

Over the last decade, Exverus has served Fortune 500 companies like CLIF bar, Coca-Cola, Post, and MasterClass. Our specialty is sustainable, wellness brands like Premier Protein, Stella & Chewy's, New Belgium & Bell's Brewery. We’ve taken the Clean Creatives Pledge to never work with fossil fuel companies, and we’re proud of what we put into the world.

In that time, we've won numerous industry awards, including:

  • 2x Ad Age Small Agency of the Year: Media

  • 2x Ad Age Media Planner of the Year

  • 6x Adweek Media Plan of the Year

  • 3x CANNES Lions Shortlist

  • LA Times' Best Workplaces in SoCal 2023

But the advertising industry has changed dramatically from 2014 to 2024. Here are just a few of the ways things have changed, according to our executives:

“While it's true that the more things change the more they stay the same, remote work has been an important change that's opened us up to new talent across the country.” 

- Bill Durrant, President & Founder

“We've only begun to scratch the surface of what AI can do, but it's already made such a huge impact on every aspect of our work. It has revolutionized traditional processes and shifted our approach to all facets of problem-solving, strategy, and even operational efficiency.” 

- Jack Win, Head of Operations & Cofounder

“The evolution of consumer privacy: this has included the introduction of new regulations such as GDPR, the growing global regulatory landscape, and the need for brands and companies to take a proactive stance on privacy all due to the rapid growth of social media, digital transactions, and digital marketing in the last several years.” 

- Melissa Andraos, SVP of Media Strategy

“Targeting consumers based on programmatic audience data vs placing ads in context: there used to be way more emphasis on making a creative connection between ads and the environment across TV, print, and site direct partnerships. Now, more ads are placed in feed vs in context.” 

Tasha Day, VP of Media Strategy

At Exverus Media, we pride ourselves on spearheading industry changes and technological evolutions to provide our clients with the most up-to-date best practices. Congratulations to all of our employees on ten years, and big thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way. Here's to ten more! 🥂

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