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People Love Gaming - and They Don't Mind Ads

The next frontier for ads may very well be mobile gaming. Sound far-fetched? A Deloitte Digital survey shows that more than 70% of Gen Z and millennials are open to viewing ads to reduce the cost of games. An additional survey found that 26% of Gen Z rank gaming as their favorite entertainment activity, a 7% increase from last year. But while mobile game ads may have potential, it’s important to keep the content fresh: 78% of gamers say there’s too much repetition in ads they see in mobile games, and they want to see more relevant ads. Why is this important? Mobile game ads could be a great option for brands who want to target millennials and Gen-Zers. Not only is this demographic receptive to ads on this platform but the usage numbers are significant. Mobile phones are the most popular gaming device with more than 150 million monthly mobile gamers, making up over 89% of all digital gamers. Additionally, the rise of mobile gaming may also influence viewership on streaming platforms such as Twitch. For brands seeking to find influencers, 65.8% of total hours spent on gaming video content was watched on Twitch. This gives marketers more options when it comes to deciding where to advertise. Final Takeaways Younger generations do not mind seeing advertisements in mobile games, as long as there is a true value exchange. Gaming is growing increasingly popular as a form of entertainment, giving advertisers more ways to reach their desired audience. Gamers are diverse and should not be generalized as one audience. Specific audience targeting is critical to ensure content resonates and performs.

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