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5 Facebook Insights Every Marketer Should Know

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

5 Facebook Insights Every Marketer Should Know

According to Oberlo, an online learning platform, Facebook continues to be the most used platform with nearly 2.6 billion active monthly users. But as the world changes dramatically, where are these shifts showing up in how we use Facebook as marketers?

1. Facebook’s core demographics are changing – and not for the younger.

Users between the ages of 35 and 65 are Facebook’s core demographic, with the fastest-growing group ages 55 to 65. Fewer teens are using Facebook now than in previous years. It’s essential to keep this in mind when advertising and interacting with your audience.

2. How users engage with Facebook is changing – it goes beyond keeping up with friends and family.

While most of the 1.62 billion Facebook users are on the platform to interact with and stay connected to friends and family, they are also using it for entertainment, news, and following brands and companies. Users want to connect with brands and companies as if they were friends or family members.

3. Facebook is a mobile platform. Full stop.

94% of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile, according to Sprout Social. This information serves as a reminder to marketers to optimize for mobile-friendly social media content. Ad impressions also continue to rise, while prices fall, reinforcing the purpose behind a strong Facebook strategy.

4. Your visuals matter more than your audio.

While Facebook users continue to consume videos as the most favored post type, they also prefer to view them in silence. Your video’s imagery must catch the viewer’s attention. Plus, always ensure your videos have captions if there is any dialogue to make the engagement as accessible and useful as possible.

5. Adding Stories to your marketing mix transforms your results.

Brands that utilize and optimize their Facebook Stories ads' placement see a boost outcome of up to 35%. Adding stories to your Facebook strategy will enhance your current feed campaigns—they go hand-in-hand. Plus, there are a slew of built-in Facebook Stories tools to help customize your assets.

Continued growth within Facebook Ads, video, and mobile usage is a significant theme for 2021. Knowing these Facebook statistics and trends can help your brand keep up with the possible shifts to increase engagement, reach your growing audience and meet and exceed your goals.

-Team Exverus

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