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What You Need To Learn From Domino's Pizza

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

What You Need To Learn From Domino's Pizza

You are (probably) not a pizza brand, but you need to learn from Domino's.

We have all seen the lessons from COVID-19 floating around the internet. E-commerce has accelerated more in three months than the next three years. Marketing has become more digital overnight. But knowing and acting on these insights are just table stakes now.

Who we all need to be learning from is a brand that knew all of this back in 2010 and has acted on it ever since: Domino's.

As Faris Yakob points out in a recent opinion piece on WARC (link below for members - non-members can access by e-mailing me), Domino's is not a pizza company. Domino's is a technology company.

By controlling its messaging, technology and distribution, Domino's is able to control the most important element for brands in 2021: its user experience.

Want to know precisely where your pizza is in being made and delivered? Domino's Tracker is light years ahead of anything offered by other meal delivery services, and far more accurate.

Want a Chicken Habanero sub (what??)? Domino's data-driven approach to menu building already knows.

Want a pizza delivered to a gas station parking lot? Domino's has tech integrated to choose from thousands of non-traditional delivery spots.

Domino's recognizes that the "job to be done" is not just filling people's stomachs. The job to done is providing satiety quickly, with as much current information as a consumer wants, to precisely where they want it. It is about reducing friction in the buying process so people can focus on other things.

Utilizing innovation, e-commerce and digital transformation for their own sake is for brands playing a me-too game. Utilizing innovation and digital transformation to solve the jobs to be done and reducing friction in the user experience creates competitive advantage and market leadership.

-Bill & Team Exverus

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