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Super Bowl LV - Good For Advertisers?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Super Bowl LV - Good For Advertisers?

A report from AdColony, a mobile advertising and marketing platform, reported 81% of consumers said they wanted humorous ads in this year’s Super Bowl. In comparison, 36% preferred a more heartwarming approach, and the remaining 11% desired political or social change ads.

So, how did advertisers do this year? Let’s break it down by the numbers:

According to AdAge, a total of 56 advertisers took 67 ad spots, both up from last year. TV ad impressions totaled over 6.3 billion, which was down slightly from last year. But what blew everyone out of the water was the number of impressions on social media, which totaled just under 64 billion–60 billion more than last year!

What makes this year different? Well, the pandemic, of course, but more so the break we all seek from the stress of COVID through a good laugh and heartwarming messages. From State Farm’s “Drake from State Farm” and Amazon Echo’s “Alexa’s Body” to Jeep’s “The Middle” and Indeed’s “The Rising,” there is no doubt advertisers got it right this year–almost.

Almost, because one major thing fell short: diversity and inclusion. According to the Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), little progress has been made in the industry to show a broader range of people in ads. Many marketers have set goals surrounding representation in advertising, but AIMM’s findings suggest that brands still have a long way to go, especially concerning the Super Bowl.

And, of course, Oatly, whose self-indulgent ad felt out of place and like a unilateral decision by the CEO to spend shareholder money. A case study in what not to do to maximize brand returns.

But what advertisers did get right was immense creativity, talent, and ingenuity, even during trying times. By 2022, brands should be courageous and persistent in bringing more representation to the audiences they support and serve. Will you be ready to share your brand on the biggest stage? Negotiations begin next week.

- Team Exverus

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