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Livestreaming + Social Commerce + You = ?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Livestreaming + Social Commerce + You = ?

Are you ready for the shoppable, always-live future?

With the announcement this week that Instagram is adding shoppability to IGTV, the future is here and it is time for brands to get on board.

Shoppable social media, or "Mid Funnel Media" is now a critical element of the media mix - living somewhere between awareness-driving and direct purchase tactics. It is also a massive opportunity for brands partnered with influencers and artists who want to directly sell products in a trackable way.

What's the next step? Adding this shoppability and scale to livestreamed brand media. While the U.S. lags behind China in livestreaming, brands and artists are discovering it has the ability to take the place of in-person events. Just ask gamers - a population that takes livestreaming for granted, consuming hour upon hour each day. Gamers are leading the way for Gen Z to move from pre-recorded brand content to livestreaming.

Adding shoppability and brand experience to that? It's the next path in digital media's evolution and it's starting to become reality. The time is now for brands to begin creating full funnel awareness/passion-point/purchase-enabled content that drives digital audiences...and scale.

-Bill & Team Exverus

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