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Is Facebook Trying to Compete with Clubhouse?

Social audio platforms like Clubhouse have taken the media industry by storm.

Right in line with its copycat strategy, Facebook officially launched Live Audio Rooms, which pushes the platform further into the social audio and podcasting space.

The live audio rooms will be for public figures and select Facebook groups within the U.S.

What are Live Audio Rooms?

These rooms enable people to discover, join or listen in on live conversations with experts and public figures. These public figures can invite anyone on Facebook to be a speaker: followers, friends, or other public figures with verified badges.

Hosts can invite speakers in advance or choose listeners during the stream, and there can be up to 50 speakers, with no cap on listeners.

Should Your Brand Give Live Audio Rooms a Try?

Although Facebook may be taking cues from Clubhouse to enter the audio social space, the well-known and popular platform may have the edge to compete, especially on the brand side.

Facebook has the best monetization offerings for brands to share their messaging, even if Live Audio Rooms are not being monetized currently.

Plus, with already established communities organized around interests, brands will easily know where their audiences are, and how to interact with them.

As advertising and brand presence matures in the social audio space, Facebook is now on the must-try list for testing these platforms.

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