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How Your Brand Can Drive Mobile-Based Loyalty

Nearly three-quarters of consumers have been trying new shopping behaviors in the past year, but the real story was the rise of mobile commerce.

Q3 last year garnered $28 billion of transactions on mobile apps alone, and 40% of shoppers are turning to their phones more often as they refrain from in-store shopping. So, how can your brand reach and create mobile loyalty?

Try these three strategies:

1. Become a One Stop Shop Customers are looking for one app to shop, get advice, and access new releases instantly. Having a flagship app has proved to be a success for other brands like Adidas, who after expanding their app to include digital drops, personal stylists and visual product search, saw digital their sales go up 51% in Q3 of 2020.

2. Drive Frequent Engagement Create a connection with your customers by engaging with them. Gather their user profile details (first-party data!) to offer a personalized brand experience. Connect with them through social media and email campaigns where they feel valued.

3. Give Exclusive Access to Mobile Only Offers Exclusive access to offers allows users to get first dibs on new products. Brands who market these offers drive more urgency and frequency in their customers' purchasing behavior: 58% of shoppers say an exclusive offer would increase their likelihood to purchase. In comparison, 82% say it would increase how often they shopped with a brand.

These app-based loyalty strategies will give you valuable first-party data to influence your future media and conversion opportunities. Keeping your customers' various needs in mind will help you master mobile and earn their loyalty through thick and thin.

- Bill and Team Exverus

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