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Get Ready Now For 2022’s Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing continues to have huge marketing potential, even with social media and other digital platforms increasing in popularity.

But as we move into 2022, business will need to be savvier than ever to take advantage of this growing and increasingly important (first party data!) marketing channel. Here are the top two trends we are already seeing for next year:

Trend #1: Using AI for Optimization

Many businesses remain perplexed by the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), and even experienced marketers are skeptical of the use of AI in email marketing. However, there is more data available online than any marketer could ever handle, and I is necessary.

AI can be used for:

- Predicting outcomes with analytics

- Testing and creating email subject lines and optimizing send times

- Cleaning up mailing lists

- Survey optimization

- Increasing the speed of email marketing campaigns

Trend #2: Hyper-personalization

Customers want to feel valued and understood by the brands they purchase from. One of the most significant ways to make customers feel this way is through a comprehensive personalization strategy. Personalization is more than just a name.

Analyze your customers' purchasing habits, preferred products, and services and create a series of emails related to their behaviors. You can also recommend content, products, tailored promotions, and messages by audience segments and trigger emails based on shopper/visitor behaviors and patterns.

Trend #3: First party data

We know that consumers will click on the products, headlines and deals of most interest to them. Use this data to segment your consumers, build first party data pools, and target them through other digital media. This will ensure you convert as many sales as possible.

With 2022 approaching fast, take advantage of these email marketing trends now. Be sure to keep in mind how each will benefit your company and drive results.

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