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Four New Tools From Google Will Grow Your Brand

During the Google Marketing Live event in 2021, the tech giant showcased its machine learning tools and ambitions. Here’s what the team at Exverus found to be the most interesting for our brands:

  • E-Commerce Integrations. Retailers on WooCommerce, GoDaddy and Square will soon be able to integrate with Google easily and for free

  • Ad Automation Gets Better. Google’s suite of products, called Performance Max, help marketers automate the optimization of their ad campaigns

  • Customer Match. Marketers can develop an audience strategy using their first-party customer data – critical in the post-cookie and pre-post-cookie world

  • Consent Mode. Conversion modeling tin Consent Mode will give more detailed conversion insights, while you can soon get a more complete picture of the performance of your Google Ads with improved attribution reporting.

Key Takeaway for Marketers

Google is #1 for a reason, and they are not giving away any of the advantages of their scale. These technologies and tools can provide visibility in cases where data or signals may be limited.

Machine learning and automated solutions enable continued measurement of advertising effectiveness and continue to allow us to measure success in our media investment.

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