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3 New Ad Trends That are Shaking Up the Industry

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

3 New Ad Trends That are Shaking Up the Industry

NBCUniversal announced new ad formats that will make commercials more interactive and give brands more engaged audiences. By understanding and taking cues from how consumers experience and interact with advertising within the digital landscape, TV can now progress with modern audiences.

The three trends making it into your living room include:

Shoppable TV Ads

Shoppable ads, while well-known on social media, continue to make their way onto consumers’ TVs, offering a streamlined journey from the point of viewing to making a purchase. Users can scan an on-screen QR code with their phones to view a product or use a special offer code to make a purchase without them having to go elsewhere.

Users Choosing What Ads to Watch

In addition to the interactivity of shopping, a “Choose Your Destiny” approach lets consumers personalize their ad experiences. Users will vote in real-time, usually between three different options, for what brand creative they want to see next.

Integrated Ads

Platforms are beginning to offer a portion of the screen to appear as an ad during a commercial break to make transitions between shows and commercials seamless. An area where this is implemented well is live sports, where ads play while the viewer can see what is going on during a commercial break.

Though none of the above trends are new, especially in the realm of digital advertising, these developments are exciting as TV marketers—not just digital marketers—will get to take advantage of its innovative ad formats, too.

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