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Boost Your Brand’s Visibility with a Unified Paid Search and SEO Strategy 

In an era of constant change, the trends that you were using to guide your company’s digital marketing strategy may now be unraveling.

For brands sold primarily offline, their digital presence always felt like an afterthought or a luxury. Now, everything is digital (even in-store sales!).

For example, it’s no longer enough for PPC and SEO teams to simply know what the other is up to. Going forward, organic and paid search need to be true, integrated partners, especially with Google rolling out the Page Experience Update.

This long-awaited update will be completed by the end of August and is pushing all brands to know what digitally native brands have since their inception.

The solution? Both PPC and SEO teams should understand the available SERPs features and placements. The synergy between these two teams must go beyond just sharing data and results.

Instead, the teams should be proactively planning and sharing common goals to provide the best solutions and answers to each customer’s needs, during every step of their journey to a purchase.

It's not too late to get ready and make your paid and organic search inputs a true team effort, your brand (and rankings) depend on it.

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