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4 Proven Ways to Unlock the Power of Clubhouse For Brands

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

4 Proven Ways to Unlock the Power of Clubhouse For Brands

Over the past year, Clubhouse, an invite-only audio chat room, has taken the social media world by storm. With over 13M downloads and 10M active weekly users, the unique platform is just getting started and is already boasting numbers that rival Snapchat. While user growth slowed after its initial rise, the recent launch of an Android app will keep Clubhouse relevant.

Why do people love Clubhouse? Because it feels like a live, interactive podcast, where a user can choose a virtual room to enter, listen, and engage in the conversation. But exploring Clubhouse as a brand and marketer might still be puzzling in how to leverage your company’s marketing strategy. Here are four ways your brand can leverage Clubhouse.

Fireside Chats or Q&As

Your brand can host a panel, Q&A or chat, or take part in someone else’s. This creates an interactive and well-managed discussion on the platform. Doing so will help your brand position itself as a thought leader in your industry while experimenting with a new platform.

Branded or sponsored room events

This can take one of two forms: sponsoring a room with one of your products or services or sponsoring a room where your brand is mentioned as the sponsor for that event. By sponsoring an event on Clubhouse, your brand will not only get to see the creative caliber the platform offers, but you also get to promote your product or service to interested users.

Have employees participate in rooms related to your industry

A great way your brand can grow awareness is by having leaders, directors, CEOs, or other employees actively participate and speak in rooms with large audiences. Your team does not necessarily have to talk about the company, but audience members will learn to trust them AND the company by adding to the conversation.

Hosting informal chats

Informal chats are a way to connect with people authentically. Users will see a brand’s more human side, one that is toned down from the usual marketing fodder, making your brand feel more accessible to more audiences. Hosting informal chats hold no obvious goal or topic and are casual and less intimidating for listeners.


The main goal of Clubhouse is to provide an authentic human connection and experience. The app, which started exclusively for industry elites, is now starting to open up to a wide range of brands, creatives and everyday people looking to communicate and interact with others. Focus on having a natural conversation with people, and the rest will fall into place.

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